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Aliens - What is Alien Mystery


What is alien about is a mind blogling question. From last few decades we are listening stories about aliens. Scientists are speculating that there can be life on other planets as well as we have here on earth. Some people tell about seeing an UFO flying in the sky. Sometimes authorities also have seen UFOs in the sky. Many such incidents are recorded in camera. However, these sightings have been found only in America. No other country has reported seeing any such object. Even the American government and authorities denies occurrence of any such event.Many movies are also made on aliens.

So what are Aliens
According to scientists life can be found on any other planet in the neighbourhood solar systems. These life forms are called aliens. Our scientists say that life can have many forms. People on other planets may have less knowledge than us or they may have more knowledge than us, as per scientistís speculation. They call them under developed or advanced civilizations. According to the scientists, if they are advanced, then there is a strong possibility that they are keeping an eye on us. According to them, the civilizations are always in a process of evolution. There are 3 stages of evolution according to them and we are on the 1st stage.

How May Aliens Look Like
Nobody has seen any alien till date. However there are stories but they are only imagination. Even those who claim to see aliens cannot clearly tell how they look. They always said that they were sedated and cannot remember much. Now, scientists say that life form can be of any shape. It is not necessary, according to the scientists that aliens will look like us. Even on planet earth, we have so many life forms. There are millions of species on earth and under water. So, they cannot predict how an alien will look like. It also depends on the atmosphere and other factors of the planet. So, according to them, an alien can look like anything.


Movies Made on Aliens
There are many movies made on Aliens in Hollywood. Some work has also been done in Bollywood. Major movies made on aliens are Mars attacks, Species, Men In Black, Signs and War of the Worlds. These movies have shown many possible aspects of aliens. Some says they can be friendly while some says that they are here to invade. These movies made on aliens have imagined how an alien may look like. Most of these movies have shown them much like humans. Some shows them big, tall, others show them small. They do have a different face than humans. Some movies also show them large horrible creatures. However, all this is purely a work of fiction.


What Happens When We Find Aliens
This is a question that we do not have any answer to. There are some possibilities. It is possible that neither of the side interferes with each other. Another possibility is that they might be scared of us and attack us. Similar is the possibility with us also. It all depends on whether we understand the language of each other or not.

What If Aliens Attack Us
If aliens attack us then we have to fight a battle. However, we are now a powerful civilization. We have access to technology, satellite, flights and advance warfare weapons. Many countries around the world possesses nuclear weapon which can be pretty destructive. So we care safe in that by Godís grace.

What If We Attacked the Aliens
This is a possibility also. We do have a tendency to attack each other. Even today, many wars are going on the planet. In such a scenario, we must not do any harm to other species. It is important that we do not consider them uncivilised and start taking resources from them as we have done in the past. Above all, we must not start to charge them for their natural resources and livelihood in the name of business. We must think and act sensibly. If aliens are found on one planet then it is possible that there are more out there on other planets. In such a case it is advisable to make friends. Attacking is not a good idea.

Truth about life on other planets
Fantasy is in its place. But we must also face the truth before we waste too much money in the search. Scientists have searched nearly four thousands planet around us. But they have not found life anywhere. Well we cannot say for sure, but in the religious books found from around the world, it is clearly stated that life is present only on one planet in this universe and that planet is earth. In the last five decades, scientists have found that many things that were stated in the holy books have been proven true. It is possible that they are true about this too.

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