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Who does not like games? Games are a part of our daily life. They are the best source of recreation and entertainment. Besides games also teaches us many things about life. Today is the era of computers. Games have also made their way in computers. Today people play video games. In the starting of video games there were very simple kinds of games. But with the advancement of technology, games have also improved. Now you can drive a car around a virtual city, or engage with a combat with terrorists on your computer at your home.

need for speed

Need for Speed -- This is a classic game series which started in the year 1994. This game release was a hit across the USA. Several versions of this game were released in the next years. Need for Speed II, III and hot pursuit was released in the following years. The game got popular around the world with its Need for Speed : Most Wanted edition. Tis edition was released in the year 2005. After this edition, every version of the game was about race, police chase and evading the police cars.
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need for speed

Counter Stike - This is an action game which is very popular across various continents. This is also a multiplayer game. In Counter Strike, the player can become a terrorist and combat the group of commandos. The player can also become a commando and combat the terrorists. This game has nice graphics and other visual components. It looks like you are really catching the terrorist. This is a fun game and you should give it a try.

Counter Strike

Sim City – Sim City is real world simulation game. In this game, the player has to build and develop a city. The city starts empty and slowly people start to move in. Gradually the population of the website increases and city develops. Roads get wider and buildings upgrade from small houses to large apartments. This game was started back in 1989. The latest version of this game was released in 2013.

Sim City

Cities Skyline – Cities Skyline is a new game which is based on the idea of SimCity. However, this game is a bit advanced game. But the idea is incepted from SimCity. In Cities skyline, you can build cities but in a different manner. Here you can add roads, electric house, water tanks and sewage treatment plan. It is a complete different experience form SimCity game. Here you can also expand the area of the city and join it to other cities.

Cities Skyline

X-Men Games – X-men is a popular comic series in the USA and different parts of the world. There was also cartoon show build which was based on the comic. The TV shows were also hit and they took the idea of X-men to every nook and corner of the world. After the cartoon show, there was movie made in Hollywood on X-men. PC, Xbox and play station games were also built after the series of X-men evolution.


Twilight Games – Twilight is a famous novel based on the stories of a vampire family. A movie based on Hollywood is also made after the novel. The game series also joined the saga. Twilight game is probably one of the highest played games. You can buy this game from your nearest game store or online from the website of the game. It is a role playing game which has a combination of action and romance.


Harry Potter Games – Ride broomstick, use the magical wand, do magic and face voldemort in this fun game. Watched Harry Potter movies and loved it. Now you have the chance to live the life of Harry Potter in your Xbox, Play station and computer. Harry Potter does not need an introduction around the world. The game series is as popular among the video game players as is the movie it-self.

Harry Potter

Van Helsing Games – Van Helsing is another popular character from the novels. This character fights with Vampires and catches them or kills them. Become Van Helsing in this popular game and defeat all the vampires and ultimately their king. There is a lot of action, adventure and suspense in this movie.

Van Helsing

Pokemon Stadium – Love watching the Pokemon series on television. Now the pokemons are alive and ready to take orders from you. Win Pokemon, train them and fight those exciting matches with other players in this exciting Pokemon games series. This is one of the most exciting games you will ever play. Just buy the game and have fun of your life time. We promise that you will love this game and it won’t be easy for you to stop yourself.


Pirates of The Carribean - Set sail, prepare crew and start your amazing and adventures journey. Play Jack Sparrow or other characters from the movie and have your victory through a series of difficult tasks. There is no limit to fun in this action paced adventure game. Aye! Aye! Captain.

Pirates of the Carribean
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