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Softwares are need of today. For every tasks on a computer we need a software. There are numerous softwares developed on a daily basis. They enhance our working. Some of them are costly, some are cheapy, some are free of cost. Here are some sites which are a great source for softwares to download.

download software

There are many sites from where you can download the software. Most of the software has a site where a download link is available. From here you can get a genuine link to download the program to your computer. However, there are some popular sites over the internet which also offers to download programs. These sites have lots of software. Here you can get alternative program which might be even better and useful for you. You can also find reviews on these sites. Reviews can help you to a great extent in choosing the right application which suits your needs. It will also save you a lot of time and trouble. We always recommend using one of these sites so that you can have the varieties and all other benefits.

download cnet

Download cnet is one of the top websites which comes when you search for a software download on the internet. This website is more than 10 years old and it is a trustworthy source for downloading programs over the internet. This site does not only help you with reviews, it also gives you a suggestion of related software that you are downloading. Who knows you might find a better option for all your needs. Many people around the world prefer to download from cnet. It offers a wide range of programs to optimize system which you won’t find anywhere else.

Softonic is another website which is popularly known for its wide variety of software. This site has a wide array of softwares. This site provides all kinds of software like U torrent, Win Rar, PDF, media players and browsers. it has software for Windows, Mac and even Andriod. Most updated and latest versions can be found on softonic. Paid software are also listed on this site. If you are looking for service with your product then Softonic is the right choice for you.


Brothersoft – Brothersoft website is another top visited websites for software download. This site fulfils your need of products. Your search for the right software ends on Brothersoft. This website has lots of free software and utilities. It has over 200,000 free software products to choose and download. These products will enhance the functionality of your computer and laptop to a great extent. You can find various applications here like browsers, drivers, utilities, video editor, drawing, image editors and games on this website.


Softpedia – Softpedia is another treasure of downloadable software. Most of the software available on the site are available for free of cost. The site has listed numerous important and functional software. This site also offers reviews of the products which helps the user choosing the right product for their needs. Reviews saves a great deal of time and effort of the user. Softpedia was launched in the year 2001 and now it has become one of the most successful websites in the world.

soft pedia

File hippo – File hippo is basically a file sharing site where users can make their account and share large size files and software with other people on this website. File hippo also offers a variety of software to choose and download from. You will find numerous software under single category on this website. All those software has some pros and cons. These pros and cons are listed on the File hippo website.


Software Informer – Software informer is among one of those sites which lets you download free software. The software included here are popular and used by many people around the globe. The Software Informer site is new in comparison to many other software download sites. But the hard work done on this website is really appreciable. This website also allows security scan for a file before the download begins. This feature really makes the website secure for its users.

software informer

Soft32 – Soft32 is another huge website for software downloads which allows its users to download files from this website. This site also has a large number of software available to download. Most f these software are for free of cost as this is a more convenient option for any user. The categories for software available on Soft32 is really large. It has internet, network tools, securities, educational, tools, web development and other various kinds of software categories.


Tucows – Tucows is another popular website on internet which is used by the people around the world to download software. This website is also home to thousands of software. There are numerous utilities listed here which can enhance the productivity of your computer. Tucows hosts a number of freeware software which are really useful. There is software available for Mac, Windows Linux and other popular versions. This site also has software products available for iPhone and android.


Filecluster – Filecluster is also a popular destination to choose from a variety of software to download from. You can find here every kind of software. Audio and mp3 files can be downloaded from this website, antivirus programs can be downloaded. Business related software can also be found on Here you can find software like freeware and shareware. The site also displays news about various software organizations.

file cluster

Free Download Center – Free download center is a very old and popular website. This website is ages old and it also has a lot of software to offer. Free download center was established in the year 2001. Since then its popularity is increased till date. It offers games, system tools and utilities, photo editing software, designing software, business software and even communication products. All these software are up to date and they are compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone and android as well.

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