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What Are the Effects of Global Warming

effects of global warming

What is Global Warming – Global Warming is a very serious problem which has gathered the attraction and concern of environmental scientists around the world. Earth is getting warmer. This warmth is creating an imbalance in the nature. Earth has its own system for providing life cycle. This is a scientifically proven fact. Earth has created a certain balance between various components of nature. Warmth is one of them. If the temperature is too low, everything will be frozen and life cannot happen. If the temperature rises then glaciers will melt and sea levels will rise. Not only it will discomfort the sea life, it will also wipe out life from the surface of earth. This is what is slowly happening now. We can say that the environment we live in is in grave danger.

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effects of global warming

What Causes Global Warming – There are numerous cause behind global warming. From our day to day activities to industries and factories generated smoke, all are responsible for global warming in some way. Modern day life style is not benefitting mother earth. We are living is such a way that creates a lot of pollution. We drive vehicles which cause pollution. We buy and throw products like plastic in large amount. In modern life style we also create lots of garbage. Garbage is a serious problem in modern world. In cities we don’t realize this because daily garbage collectors take garbage from us. We never see that collectively how much garbage we create on a daily basis. If you will go to a garbage site, then only you can realize how big problem it is.

What Are the Effects of Global Warming in English – Global warming is going to have a catastrophic effect on our planet earth. We can divide the effects of Global warming in to several categories to study them. They can be divided in to simple and complicated effects, present and future effects, light and heavy effects and so on. Let us start with 7 present and future effects.

effects of global warming

List of 7 Global Warming Effects on Earth

The present effects of global warming can be felt very easily. They are everywhere in the news. These are the small and normal changes we see in our whether cycle.

Rise in Temprature - First of all the temperature is rising around the globe. Cold cities are getting warmer and warm cities are becoming unbearable. I, for example, live in India which is a warm country. Earlier it was a warm country in the month of May, June, July and August. But now it is warm from mid of March to November. Even today as I am writing this post in the month of December, it is not much cold here. All because of Global warming.

Drought Situation - Cycle of rain is disturbed around the globe. Many parts of earth are not getting proper rain. It leads to the situation of drought. This has a very adverse effect on the crops. Just imagine, if there are no crops what will we eat.

Heavy Rainfall - Other parts are receiving heavy rains. In many parts of China, America and numerous countries, there has been more than normal raining recorded. Excessive of rain has led to flood like situation in the cities where roads were drowned in to water. Floods have destroyed many cities and villages in countries like America and China. Moreover, this raining is not happening in the rainy season. Recently, in my city, there was heavy rainfall and we faced a flood like situation. This rain was in the month of October, when the rainy season is over in my country.

Acid Rain - Many parts of world are facing acid rain which is due to the excess of sulphur in air. This is due to excess of pollution around the globe from various sources.

Heavy Snowfall - In some parts of America, there has been an incident of snowfall in a very scary manner. The whole snow just fall down at once. Thousands of people died at once.

Cloud Bursting Incidents - Cloud bursting is another danger from global warming.

Powerful Storms - Numerous storms are also affecting the world. These storms are very powerful and they are getting more powerful everytime. Recently there was a storm in Japan with strong winds up to 500 kms per hour. The videos of this storm were circulated all over the social media. The winds were so powerful that they were tossing big and heavy truck like toys.

According scientists, these powerful storms are a consequence of Global warming. And there intensity is likely to increase.

Global warming future effects are going to be more severe. This is no pep talk. Scientist from all over the world are claiming that if proper steps are not taken to prevent further global warming, then it can cause a lot of problems. The predictions are horrible. It can end humanity from the face of earth in a really horrible manner. First threat is the rise of sea level. Due the glaciers melting around the world, it is expected that sea levels will rise to such an extent that it will drown the whole world in water. But before that, there is more. In some parts of world there will be excessive raining which will bring flood and destroy all crops and everything else. In other parts there will be no raining because it rained heavily somewhere else. These places will suffer from serious drought. Here also crops will be destroyed. Simultaneously another disaster could strike in the form of storms. According to the scientists, if current scenario of global warming is worsen than storms would be more powerful in future then they are now. They can blow away cars and even trucks. With such heavy amount of material in air, there will be serious damage to life of people and city infrastructure and buildings. This is also going to be very scary. We all must come together and take necessary steps to prevent Global warming.

effects of global warming
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