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Electronic Equipment

electronic equipment

Electronic equipment is all around us. We are surrounded by electronic equipment. Today, we cannot imagine our life without these equipment. Every house is having them. They have made our life easier. If you are living in a city in any part of the world then you must be living of these equipment. Fan, TV, fridge and lights are some of the major electronic equipment. They have changed our way of living.

Development of Electronic Equipment
Electronic equipment has progressed a lot in last two centuries. Earlier when they came, they were not as advanced as they are today. They were also very big, heavy and consume a lot of energy. Humans have been capable to develop these devices over a period of time. It is expected that the equipment will become even smarter in the coming future.

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Side Effects of Electronic Equipment
There is also a negative side of using these electronic equipment. Of course they have brought a certain sense of ease in our life but this has also made us weak and lazy. It is a general fact that we are using less muscle and more equipment for our day to day work. Today most people cannot walk for four or five kilo meter. Earlier people could have done that very easily. This kind of ease and comfort has also surrounded us from many diseases. Electronic equipment has also taken away jobs.

electronic equipment

Electronic equipment are like a blessing for modern human society. However, it is up to us that put it to good use or not. We must use it sensibly or it is going to become a curse.

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