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How To Make Animation in Powerpoint 2010 and GIMP

Animation is presentation of a series of pictures in such a way that the pictures appear to be moving. This moving effect of still pictures is called animation. How to make animation is not a very difficult question. Simple animations can be made very easily. For complex animations, you either need a complex software or you have to work very hard to create it. Market is filled with such kinds of software. You can find simple software for creating a simple animation and complex software for a complicated animation. Simple animation making software comes for free while complex ones are highly expensive. No matter which type of software you use, the basic of an animation is always pictures. So make sure that you have a really good collection of pictures. Another basic requirement is a computer. It is fairly easy to create animation with help of these (expensive) online animation maker if you have access to a desktop computer or laptop and internet. This is not very difficult as computers and internet are easily available everywhere.

make animation make animation

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Types of Animation Animation can be divided into two categories - Simple animation and complicated animation.

Simple - A simple animation consists of a single moving picture. Even if there are more items in the picture, only one item will be moving at one time. Such animation will not run for a long time. It will also not contain any audio. However, a separate audio file can be played using some technology. There are mainly two types of simple animation. One is gif images which can be played in html documents. They can be used as web element to display in a webpage. Other kind of simple animation can be created using the Microsoft office application. The power point can be used to create animation to show as a presentation on computer. Below we give a simple guide to create these three kinds of simple animation.

How to Create Simple Animation

How to Create Gif Animation A Gif animation is fairly easy to create. If you have the pictures ready, it will take only few minutes to do so. For this, you have to download GIMP software from its website. The GIMP software is very good software. It is free to download and use. Follow the below given steps to create a gif animation using GIMP.

Arrange your series of pictures for animation project
If you still have to create pictures, we prefer using the Paint on Windows
Step 1 - Open the Gimp on your computer
Step 2 - Click on the file menu
Step 3 - Select the open as layers options
Or press Ctrl+Alt+O
make animation
Step 4 - Select the files one by one by using the same option
Step 5 - Go to Filter Menu
Step 6 - Hover the mouse over the Animation option
Step 7 - Now select the Playback option to test your animation

make animation

If the speed of animation is too fast then make multiple copies of each layer in consequence to slow down the speed of the animation
Step 8 - To make multiple copies of a layer
right click on the layer in the right pane and
Step 9 - select the duplicate layer option

make animation

When everything seems ok
Step 10 - Save the file as .xcf format
Step 11 - Now Click on File Menu once again
Step 12 - Choose the Export as Option from the File Menu

make animation

Step 13 - Enter the filename with gif as extension
Step 14 - A new Export Image as Gif window will open
Step 15 - It will have several options for animation
Step 16 - Change or remove the Gif comment as you need
Step 17 - Click on the as Animation check box
Step 18 - Under the animated gif options
Step 19 - Either check the loop forever option or clear it
Loop forever will keep the animation repeating all the time
While clearing it will play animation for once and then stop it

Power Point Animation You can add slides in a power point sheet to prepare animation. You can make animation this way. Just add slides to the power point and adjust their timing to get results. However, this kind of animation has limited use. You can only use it inside a power point presentation. To use it elsewhere you have to record the animation on your mobile phone camera. Do the following to make a power point representation.

Step 1 - Start Power point from the start menu
Step 2 - Click on the New Slide option under the Home menu
Step 3 - Select a blank slide from the small window that opens
make animation
Step 4 - Now go to the left pane and delete the first slide
Step 5 - Now your second slide has become the first slide
Step 6 - Go to the Insert menu near the home menu
Step 7 - Click on the Insert picture option
make animation
Step 8 - Choose the first picture of your animation
Step 9 - Now again go to the home menu and click on new slides
Step 10 - Add slides equal to the number of pictures for your animation
Step 11 - Select each slide from the left pane and insert pictures into them
Step 12 - Go to Transition menu
Step 13 - From the Top of the transition menu
Step 14 - Set the duration for a slide to change
Add sound if you want
make animation
Step 15 - Now select the Preview option from the left of the top menu
Step 16 - Check to see if animation has been done properly
Step 17 - Save the file
Record the preview from your mobile camera. Alternatively, you can also download the power point on your android smartphone from play store and record the presentation from the screen recorder app.

Complicated A complicated animation is a bit difficult to create. Such animation will consist of multiple images in the same background. These images will make move simultaneously in the animation. Creating such an animation is a tough task. You have to be very careful with the drawing and sketch. You also have to be very careful about the position of images with respect to each other and the background.

Most people prefer to use a complicated software for this kind of animation. But, one has to learn to use a particular kind of software before they can make use of it. Once you have learnt the program, it is of no doubt that the work will become much easy. However, it can take some time to learn any software. All these software comes with tutorial which will help you learn the software. You also have to pay a price for most of these programs. Below we give a list of 10 popular animation making software. You can download or buy these programs on their respective sites.

1. Synfig Studio
2. Moho (Anime Studio)
3. GoAnimate
4. iClone
5. Crazy Talk
6. Adobe Animate
7. Pencil 2D
8. Toonz
9. TV Paint Animation
10. Draw Plus

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