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Job vs Business

job vs business

Today around the world we are living for jobs. People are earning a livelihood from jobs. In today’s scenario people found it utmost difficult to survive if they do not have a job. Job has become the core of our lives. From the very childhood days, we are sent to schools and then colleges for this purpose. The purpose is not to become educated, but to be able to secure a job in a multinational firm. When we have completed our studies, the struggle for finding a job starts. Nobody wants to hire a fresher because they do not have any previous work experience. The irony in there is if you will not get job how will you have work experience. This compels many people to ask themselves, is it better to have a job or work of your own.

Problems with a Job Holder
Once you get the job, problems do not stop there. There are many problems ahead waiting for you. In the job you are expected to do too much work. There is always a sense of competition in the employees of the company. If you are unable to do the job the way employer expected, then you may have to lose your job. It gives us a stressed life. We have to work 5 hours to 12 hours daily. Some people are also working for 16 hours straight. This is causing serious physical and mental health effects. Some other problems are also attached with the person who is having a job. So much hard work is also often gone under appreciated. Besides if you put so much effort in your own work then you might make more money.

No Time for Yourself
Today, if you are doing a job than it is most probably the only thing that you are doing. At max you get a Sunday. Even on a Sunday some people are working. If you are not working, than most probably you are so tired that you cannot do anything else. There is no life. Alternatively, you can get a night life. You know, go to a disco or bar and spend some time there. Next day, back to the same working routine. With lack of sleep, it gets only worse. In modern working culture, if you take a vacation for family or friends, then you are not considered a good employee. In fact, they expect you to work and work and work. Only then you will be considered a good employee. Many jobs do not give you a break even if there is some health problem in the family. This is a really bad scenario but we are not talking about it. Most of the people are spending 75 per cent of their life working. Rest 25 per cent is spend in sleeping. Given this scenario, being your own boss is difficult but it does offer a solution to this problem.

Losing a Job is Easy
It may be difficult to get a job, but losing one is easy. People are getting fired for petty reasons. George got fired because there was some minor mistake in his report. It is not that George generally makes this kind of mistake. Off course, there can be some scolding for that, he could have been simply told to correct the mistake, there can be some ways to check that this does not occurs in the future. He could and should have been given a warning. But he simply got fired. There are so many such cases daily around the world. This is a very serious issue. If you are having your own work, then at least no one can fire you.

job vs business

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Competition Makes It Tough
If you are working for a multinational firm then it sure is going to have competitors. If the competitor of your company has made progress, then you have to work extra hard to match those goals. It is also possible that you will lose your job because the owners think that you are not good enough. All this is very scary but it is a reality of job sector. This risk is not present with your own work.

Our analysis tells us clearly that we are living like slaves. There is no respect and money is also less. Besides you are always on the verge of getting fired. We do not have a life. But what is the alternative. There is only one that we have our own work. After all, your job is because somebody is running a business.

Now, I know that it is not a simple choice. Starting your own work is not a very simple thing. It is not every body’s cup of tea. I am not saying that you should start your own business right away. I am saying that we have to recognize what is wrong with us. A solution is needed which works for everyone and not for an individual. We have to start for looking a solution to this problem. We need to train and support people for starting and successfully running their business. We have to make it the goal of life of people. We need to form a society which is full of entrepreneurs who help each other. There has to be support for entrepreneurs from society in case they fail. We also have to make sure that they can again go for something new. Overall we have to implement this idea and make our nation a blooming nation of business people.

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