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Pubg System Requirements and Other Information

pubg system requirements

Pubg is a popular mobile game which is played on mobile phones by millions of people nowadays. This game is introduced to smartphones by a Chinese company named Tensent. This company invested money and brought this game to mobile users. This game became very popular among game players for certain reasons. Pubg is a never ending game. It is also promoted by game players and you tubers worldwide. The game is liked by people. Many people have accepted in the social media that they also get addicted to this game. Anyways, this game is a success.

How is Pubg Played
Pubg is played by multiple online players. The player has to find and grab a gun in the start of the game. Player can also grab some other stuff like first aid box food knife etc. There are other players also in your area near and around you. All these players have to kill each other. That is why this online multiplayer game is also known as Battle Royale. You have to aim and shoot at your target. You also have to hide yourself to save yourself. Killing people will get you scores and you will slowly level up. If you are killed then you have to start all over. You have some lives in the game. The major thing with this game is that it never ends. So a player can have unlimited fun. All you need is an advanced smartphone and access to high speed internet to play Pubg.

Can We Play Pubg Mobile on PC
Pubg was originally developed by Bluehole gaming company. It was meant to play on PC. The PC version of the game was not as popular as the mobile version. You can also play Pubg on PC by installing the PC version of the game. However, the PC version of the game has very high system requirements. You can download an emulator like bluestacks on your PC to play the mobile version of the pubg game on your PC.

Pubg System Requirements - Pubg can be played both on smartphone mobile device and computer or PC. Pubg is a massive game which has high system requirements. Let us take a look at system requirements for Pubg.
Pubg System Requirements for Android - Minimum system requirements for android smartphone to run multiplayer pubg games is

Pubg System Requirements for iOS - Minimum iOS device and OS requirements to run Pubg battlefield game is Pubg System Requirements for PC - PUBG or Player's Unknown Battle Ground is a vast game. PUBG has developed a lot and a lot of changes are made to this online multiplayer game. Here is the minimum system requirements for Pubg on PC

Why Pubg Lags on PC - Pubg can lag on PC for many reasons. If you are short on RAM storage space the Pubg lags on PC. Using older graphics card can also lead to lagging of Pubg. A slow internet connection is another answer to why Pubg lags.
Why Pubg Lags on Smartphone - When android or iOS smartphone are running out of RAM or storage space then Pubg lags. Because many apps are running in background there can be a shortage of RAM on smartphone. Similarly apps fill storage space because of cookies cache and other data which leads to shortage of storage space and causes Pubg lags problem. Other than that if you do not have a dual core processor than also pubg will lag.

Can Pubg Run on 4GB RAM - Pubg can run on 4GB RAM on a mobile device provided the device must also meet other minimum requirements.
On PC Pubg cannot run on 4GB RAM as the minimum requirement for PC to run on a computer is of 8GB RAM.

Is Pubg Harmful - PUBG is extremely addictive. Users have found to unable to leave playing the Pubg game. Some players have also been reported to commit suicide because of PUBG. So we can say that Pubg can be harmful.

Gaming Tournaments
The Pubg game is so popular among the people around the world that people are organising gaming tournaments. Recently Samsung has arranged a gaming tournament for Pubg in Dubai. The winners will get $ 1000 to $ 4000 cash. Not only this, the player will be given the expenses for air tickets and staying for the tournament. The players are selected based on their level in the game play. Only best players from around the world are called to these tournaments.

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