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Most Popular 8 Ball Pool Games Online Free To Play

8 ball pool

8 ball pool is a popular online game by Miniclip.com gaming website. 8 ball pool games online free to play on this website. This game was introduced more than 8 years ago and it is very popular among people still today in 2018. This pool game is one of the best pool games. It has a very precise control. Graphics and physics of this game is also very good. One can learn a lot from this game. You will have more fun playing this online game then playing the real pool game. App version is also available for this game. You can play 8 ball pool on your smartphone.

How to Play 8 Ball Pool
8 ball pool is available exclusively on the website of miniclip. This game is easy to find as it is featuring on the home page of the website for many years. You can play as a guest or you can login with your Google or Facebook account. Alternatively, you can also create a miniclip account. 8 ball pool by miniclip is played by people around the globe. When you will start playing this game, you will play against an opponent which is randomly selected. This opponent can be from any country. There is also chat packs through which you can communicate with your opponent. As you will progress in the game you will be earning coins and levelling up. You can buy cues stick and chat packs as you will earn more coins.

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Game Play
8 ball pool is played just like any other pool game. You or your opponent will break the balls. There are 2 sets of 8 balls known as solids and stripes. The first ball potted by you or your opponent decides which set you have. For example, if you potted the solid ball first then you are solid and your opponent is stripes. If your opponent pots the solids first then you are stripes and vice versa. You have to pot the 8 ball after you have potted all balls. The player who pots all balls first wins the game. You have to bet your coins to start a game here. A 9 ball game is also available in this game. In this game there are only nine balls numbered from one to nine. You have to pot the balls with lower numbered ball first and higher numbered ball last. One option of practising is also available in this game. 8 ball pool is so much fun that is why it is loved by people all over.

Play 8 Ball Pool
You can also play the 8 ball pool game on miniclip website here. This link available here will take you to the Miniclip.com website.

Play New 8 Ball Pool

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