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Our Environment

our environment

We live on planet earth. Everybody knows this. But there are several other planets also in our solar system. Some of these planets are smaller than our planet and some are way bigger. For example, planet Jupiter is 1300 times bigger than planet earth. But, our earth is unique in a very special manner. Earth has a special kind of environment which is not found on any other planet. That is why, earth is the only planet with life present on it. This life itself is possible because of the environment earth has. This environment has many features and it is full of magic and surprises.

Our environment on Earth – Our environment consists of so many things. It has air, water, rain cycle, atmosphere, trees, plants, all kinds of living beings having their own importance for the nature and many more. All the components in the environment are dependent on each other in some ways. Every creature has its own special role in the cycle of the planet. Even the carnivores are very important to keep our environment alive, healthy and running. However, our environment is also vulnerable to certain things if we interfere with it. Most of these things are depending upon human activities. For example, we cut trees and forest for various reasons. We are the only species who cannot live in a completely natural atmosphere like a forest. Though, there are many tribal communities which lives in the forest, most of us ends up cutting forest and building houses to live in. Below is the detailed description of various components of our environment.

our environment

Components of Environment – What is Environment Made Of – Environment is made up of numerous components. There is no one particular thing which we can put our fingers on and say that this is environment. We are trying to cover all of the components of our environment which makes it a real beauty. These components also keep running our environment and keep the life cycle going on.

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Atmosphere – Atmosphere is the invisible cover of air and around the earth. It mainly consists of air, but it has several other components in it as well. There are several dense layer of gases. Our atmosphere mainly consists of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. In it, oxygen is mere 21 per cent while nitrogen is present 78 per cent. Rest of the gases are in a relatively small amount. This layer can be found up to 700 km up in the air. It has several layers which has their different functions. The lowest layer is Tropo sphere which facilitates rain and water. Then there is Strato sphere which contain the ozone layer which absorbs the harmful ultraviolet lights from the sun. Above this layer is thermo sphere which protects our environment from meteors from outer space. Meteors burn down by passing this layer. Thermo sphere is the layer which reflects radio waves because of which television, internet and mobile phone communication is possible.

our environment

Air – Air is most vital for life. We cannot live without air for 2 minutes. Literally no living being can. Air is a mixture of various components. They are nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen and several other gases. Oxygen is vital for life as all living beings inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide keeps environment warm which saves us from freezing.

Water – Water is the most important source of our life. We can live for seven to ten days without food. But we cannot live without water for more than two days. Water is available in plenty on our planet earth. Water facilitates life. No animal, insect or even trees can survive without water. Our environment has large bodies of ocean. We have several rivers across the globe. Lake and ponds also provides water in various places. There are also glaciers which have stored drinkable water in it.

Gravitation – Gravitation keeps everything in its place. We cannot perceive life without gravitation. Just imagine everything is floating around and getting clashed with each other without a single proper particular arrangement. Our environment provides us with this benefit. Not every planet has gravitation. This is a unique feature of our environment.

Friction – This is another important fraction of our environment. It holds its place after gravitation. Friction is a force which slows down things. When we start to walk on the surface our legs are stopped because of this friction. The vehicles stops or slow down because of friction. It is because of this friction that we do not run into things. It saves us from accidents.

Electromagnetic Area – It is sad that earth has an electromagnetic area around it. This is an invisible field made of electromagnetic waves. It protects life on earth. Sun exerts some flares into the universe. These flares are big in size than earth. At any time these flares can bring solar storm on our planet which could destroy the whole planet. This field reflects the particles of any such storm and protects us. The field is also way bigger than earth.

our environment

Hills – Hills are also very important part of our nature. It helps in raining. When the water evaporates from oceans, rivers and lakes, it forms cloud. These cloud travels through air. In many places of the world, it rains because the clouds are stopped by a hill.

Planes – If all the earth was hilly, life probably could not have been possible. Plane fields provides fertile soil, forests and habitat for the creatures on this planet. It is very difficult to live on a hill. Besides, there is no vegetation found on hills.

Soil – On earth’s surface there is a component called soil. This facilitates for the trees, plants and grass to grow. These are the major source for food on this planet. If there was no soil and only a stone like surface on earth, then life would not have been possible the way it is now on the planet.

Vegetation – Earth provides us with vegetation. This is not only for humans as most of the people think. All kinds of animals and insects eat vegetation and live. It is a most vital component of our environment which provides us nutrition for growth and energy for survival. Life would not have been possible without vegetation.

Greenery – Greenery is the friend of environment. It is the wealth of our environment. The more greenery you have, more the environment is healthy. There are many forms of greenery. Experts and scientists claim that earth needs cover. Whether greenery is form of small grass on the land or whether it is in the form of large trees, it is equally important.

Trees – Trees holds a lot of values for the living beings on earth. Not only trees provide greenery, they are also home for millions of birds and billions of insects. Even humans need the wood of trees for making shelters in ancient times. Trees are also very crucial to life as they inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen which is source of life. Trees can also be very useful in attracting rain.

our environment

Carnivores – They are animals which feed on other animals. A carnivore kills other animals mostly herbivores. If there are no carnivores, then herbivores will be in an unlimited numbers which will eat all the vegetation and greenery. This would be a fatal situation for earth. It is also a threatening scenario for the environment.

Insects – There are hundreds of thousands of insects living on the planet. There population is way more than current human population on the planet. They have a certain role in keeping the planet alive and its mechanism running. It is estimated by scientists that if all insects of any particular kind will end then the life from earth will end in few years.

Our environment is special in so many ways. It has the power to facilitate life. No other planet known to science has this kind of environment. It is made of various components and they are also dependent on each other. This environment needs very special kind of protection. It is in hands of us humans to either preserve it or destroy it. Unfortunately, many humans around the world are destroying it. We need to stop this non sense.

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