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Sim City PC Game

sim city

Sim City is a PC game which is developed by EA or Electronic Arts. This game can be played on a computer as well as mobile. The PC version is better though. You can build cities in this fun game. Start with a city. Build roads, zone residential, commercial and industrial. Place water tanks, power plants, sewage facility and roads to empower the city. You can build fire stations, hospitals, parks and police station. Start with some residential buildings, wait for the population to grow and complete the demands of the people. See your city grow slowly and smoothly. After some times the buildings will upgrade and more population will be in your city.

Expand Your Area
You can add more cities as you complete the first given cities. As your cities will advance you will get access to large hospitals, police headquarters and fire station with helicopters. You will also be able to open processors factory and recycling plant. Sim city is a very fun game to play. Unlike many other games, this game does not have any violence, racing or crimes. The background music is also very sweet. This game is a good time pass. Nor it only is a healthy game for your kids to play, it is also a educating game. You will learn a lot about environment and importance of trees.

Maintain Traffic Problems
When you will develop large cities with huge population, you will face the problem of traffic in the Sim city game. Here you can upgrade the roads you built in to higher density roads which will solve the problem for some time. However, you have to use more brains to solve this problem further. Traffic jam free roads are important for emergency services like ambulance and fire trucks to reach at place. Enjoy and have fun by playing this amazing game from EA.

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