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Generally, a robot is a machine which looks like human and can do what a human can do. A robot is human like looking machine which is supposed to do all tasks that humans can. Scientists have still not been able to make a fully functional robot. Some robots are built but they are not fully functional as humans. Robots are supposed to be much better and powerful than humans. They are going to have certain abilities which no human possess. First of all, a Robot cannot die. Then they do not need to eat food. Robots will also not get tired. They can work tirelessly for weeks, months or even years. A robot can do everything a human can.

However, this is the general meaning of a Robot. This is what people think about robots. That they look like humans, but, robot is essentially a machine which can do any task on the behalf of humans. A robot may or may not look like humans. It is not necessary that a robot has to have a face and look just like humans. A robot can look like anything. A car is a robot which can move in forward and backward directions. It can spin all over the place and take us out for miles of journey. It can also provide us temporary shelter. Similarly, a watch is also a robot. It works 24x7. Gets no rest at all and runs the whole world. Today, the whole world is synchronized by this robot. Smartphones are also a kind of robot. They can sense touch, recognize face, understand voice and much more. This is a very advanced and modern robot. It looks nothing like human, but, it can do so many works.

How Many Types of Robots
How many kinds of robot or how many types of robot or how many robots are there. Today we do not recognize but we are surrounded with many kinds of robots. They look different and have different functionalities and also need humans to operate them. All robots are some kind of machine which carries out activities which are of some use to us. The computer we use in our homes and offices is a super robot. It has so much power that it can almost control so many things around us. The printer we use, TV, fridge, washing machine, car, watch, smartphone, bike, laptop, router, speaker, mike, mouse, fan, AC, they all are different kinds of robots. Any machinery used in industries which can perform a very heavy or complicated task is a robot which looks nothing like humans. Just a little bit of coding can make any of these machines self-reliant and make them automatic. This is not a very difficult task.

Robots are around us from a very long period of time. But we have chosen to fool ourselves by thinking that something which will look like human will be a robot. It does not matters what a machine looks like, the only thing that matters is what it can do.

The Most Dangerous Robot
If you agree to above definition of robot then you will think that obviously the most dangerous robot is a gun. But, then think again. A gun is definitely a very dangerous machine or robot. It can kill people with just a movement of fingers. However, a Gun can only kill a limited number of people. While, there is a much more dangerous robot which is killing people mentally. This robot is the watch. The watch that tells us time is the most dangerous robot out there. It is a scientific fact that putting time limit on any work gives us a lot of tension. Since, the inception of watch, our life has been tied around the clock. We do not have much freedom to do things according to our own wish. We are always expected to do things according to the time shown by a watch. We are not against the intelligent distribution of time by this machine, but the way we are putted through a time bomb for many things in our life, it is really killing.

Useful Robots
It is not that robots are only dangerous. They are also proven to be very useful. Useful robots are all around us. In fact robots are supposed to be useful for us. Useful robots make things easy for us. They also help us in so many ways. This should be the main purpose behind developing any robots. Robots have to be enhancing our lives. For example, car is a robot which has made our life a lot easier. Not just that, it has also provide a job to many people around the globe. People who are not very studious can have driving car as a job. It is also very helpful for people who are in some kind of financial problem. Anybody can drive a car and earn some money from it. Similarly television has educated numerous people around the globe. TV has played a very important role in spreading lots of information through various TV programs. It educates people in a very different manner. Television has also brought people culturally close to each other. Theatres and movies shown in it is another technology which helps people life as it is. Movies which are larger than life teaches a lot about the life. They also highlight problems in the society and bad social practices which help us improve.

Should We Go Against Robots
We are not saying that robots are a bad thing or we should go against robots. Itís just that the robots should be used for benefiting us our society and the world we live in. The problem today is that these robots are being used for selfish purposes of the rich. The only purpose so far for creating robots is that they are going to work for free in the industries. This does not benefis the society, it only benefits some rich people. The problem here is that the money provided for research of developing robots is funded by these rich people who only think of their profit. Robots should be such that they enhance our life not eliminate it.

The Shape of Future with Robots
The shape of future with robots is very dynamic. The shape of future is going to be very rich and powerful as the robots can carry out so many tasks. They can do things which is very difficult for a human to do. They can perform heavy calculations in seconds, they can lift heavy objects, they donít die or get ill or even get tired. In future robots are going to be an integral part of our life. They will be in our home to assist us with various tasks. They will do operations and surgeries. Robots will be used for making houses and buildings. Robots will also go to war on our behalf. Just imagine, that a robot is out there to fight the war with terrorists. They are going to be precise, accurate and very very effective.

What We Need in The Arena of Robot
This is a very futuristic thinking. In the arena of robots, we all will need to have access to robots. All of us should have one robot at least as it is going to be very valuable and useful. A robot is going to protect you, help you and serve you. The robot will also come in very handy in future. More than having robots, is important to have the capacity to build robots. If someone can do that, then they are going to be ahead of time always. They can always make better robots. Such people will have functionality to enhance robots even further and make them more useful.

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