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Rohit Shetty Wonderful Bollywood Director | Movies Career and Other Information

rohit shetty

Rohit Shetty is a successful director of Bollywood who has made numerous hit movies with amazing stars of Bollywood. He also has made on camera presence through popular TV shows like Comedy Circus and Khatron Ke Khiladi. Rohit Shetty is pretty charming and an out spoken person. Not only he is good at directing, he is also quick witty, funny and smart.

Rohit Shetty has worked with great actors like Ajay Devgan and Shah Rukh Khan. All the movies directed by Rohit Shetty has been liked by the audiences. Rohit Shetty has also worked with Abhishek Bachchan in Bol Bachchan movie. This movie was also a very big hit. It had Ajay Devgan as the main lead actor with several other actors. Other than that Rohit has worked with Sanjay Dutt, Paresh Rawal, Arshad Warsi, Sanjay Mishra, Kriti Sanon, Varun Dhawan and many more.

rohit shetty

Rohit Shetty’s first movie in Bollywood was with the superstar Ajay Devgan. The first movie was Zameen which was a patriotic movie. It was a hit film worldwide. After this, Rohit has directed Golmaal. It was a light comedy movie. This project was successful due to the crazy performance of Ajay Devgan and all the actors in the team. Zameen movie introduced Rohit Shetty to Bollywood and gave the country a young and talented director. We all are thankful to Ajay Devgan for that.

rohit shetty

Rohit Shetty has also made other great movies. After the success of Golmaal, he made another movie in the series. This time he also gets a chance to work with Kareena Kapoor. She is also a fabulous female actor. The third movie in the series has Mithun Chakraborty in it. He is also a great actor and a superstar of 80s. Rohit Shetty has also worked with Sanjay Dutt in a movie named All The Best.

rohit shetty

Other than these hit movies of Golmaal series, Rohit Shetty has also directed movies like Singham, Chennai Express, Singham Returns and Golmaal Again. All these movies were great. They are always a delight to watch. Fortunately, all these movies were also a great hit. His latest movie, Golmaal Again with Ajay Devgan was one of the most successful movies of Bollywood.

rohit shetty

Simbaa is the latest movie from Rohit Shetty. In this movie, superstar Ranveer Singh is cast as main lead. The movie was released in December 2018. Rohit Shetty Directed and Ranveer Singh acted Simbaa was a big hit. This movie had a box office collection of more than 400 crore INR. This movie also established Roht shetty as the first director to give consecutive eight hit movies which earned more than 100 crore.

Rohit Shetty is a talented individual who is from South India. He is a great director. We are proud of Rohit Shetty. He is also loved by his numerous fans in the country. Such a talent is always welcome in Bollywood. He has added pride to our Hindi film industry.

Rohit is an amazing director. He has great love for his work. Rohit Shetty’s understanding of direction is also very unique. It clearly shows in his movies. If you are watching a movie directed by Rohit Shetty, than you are not going to be bored.

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Upcoming Bollywood Movies

Upcoming movie of Rohit is with Superstar Akshay Kumar. This movies is named Suyavansham and it is in making. Movies shhould release in the end of 2019. This movie is expected to be a great one.

Rohit Shetty Biodata


Name – Rohit Shetty
Father’s Name – M.B. Shetty (Stuntman)
Mother’s Name – Ratna Shetty
Date of Birth – 14th March 1974
Age – 44 years
Brother - Uday, Hriday
Sister - Chanda, Mehek, Chaya, Kiran
Career – Assistant director from the age of 17
First Movie – Phool aur Kannte (Assistant Director)
Latest Movie – Golmaal Again
Production House - PictureZ LPP with Reliance Entertainment
TV Shows – Comedy Circus, Khatron Ke Khiladi

Rohit Shetty Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Rohit Shetty
Ans. Rohit Shetty is a hindi film director who works in bollywood film industry.
What are some major movies of Rohit Shetty
Ans. Zameen, Golmaal, Singham, Chennai Express and Golmaal again are major pictures of Rohit Shetty
Who is father of Rohit Shetty?
Ans. M.B. Shetty a junior artist from 1970s is the father of Rohit Shetty. Which is the upcoming movie of Rohit Shetty?
Ans. Suryavansham is the upcoming movie of Rohit Shetty. He is doing this movie with Akshay Kumar.

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