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The Complete Hotel Blog | All You Need to Know About Hotels

Hotels Hotels are the places to stay when we go out of town. Early people used to stay at one of their relatives or friends. But nowadays with our houses being small and our busy lifestyle that is not an option. Also, not necessarily you are going to have a friend or relative in every other town.

So, eventually we are going to need a place to stay.

Hotel Business Put simply, hotel business is renting out a place to stay for outsiders who visit town. This business requires a lot of investment for infrastructure and maintenance. Basic requirement for a hotel business is a big building. Other than a building, Hotel business also requires a staff to serve the customer, clean the place and managing registers, maintenance etc.

Many legal formalities are also required in order to open and run a hotel.

Types of hotels Hotels can be divided on many categories based on their features and different aspects. There are family hotels, business hotels, conference centers, resorts and many other types of hotels. Broadly hotels can be divided into three categories according to their size.

Small hotels, mid-size hotels and large hotels

We can also divide hotels according to their expense

Cheap hotels Budget hotels and Expensive Hotels

Places where you can find a Hotel Today hotels can be found in almost every part of the world. Any city you go or any town you visit will have some hotels. However, in some places we can found a big bunch of hotels. Tourist places around the world are a good example for such places where there can be good bunch of hotels.

Big towns like New York, London, New Delhi are also filled with thousands of hotels. People visit these places for work and travelling purpose from all around the world.

Rooms in hotels for monthly rent Many hotels also provide rooms on a monthly rent basis. Such rooms are rented on cheaper rates then compare to normal charge for a room on a daily basis. Generally men who are living far from home for work tend to rent rooms in hotels for months.

Maintenance Hotel requires a lot of maintenance. Whether guests are staying or going out, keeping the place clean is a must for the hotel. How clean a hotel is, is the first base for reputation of the hotel. Other than cleaning, all appliances in the hotel must be in proper working condition.

Facilities provided by a hotel A hotel must provide some basic facilities to their clients. The facilities provided depend on the type of hotel booked. A budget hotel will have less facilities while an expensive hotel will provide more facilities.

There must be a bed to sleep in and a bathroom attached. The bathroom must have water coming in. There must be arrangement for food and drinking water in the hotel. If the arrangement is not in the hotel then at least there should be staff available to bring the product from the nearby markets.

The place should be clean also.

Some budget rooms may provide AC, TV, wifi and other facilities. Rooms with further more facilities will be out of the budget section.

Gone are those days when one reaches the town and starts to search for a hotel. Now technology has made hotel bookings much easier task. Websites like OYO, MakeMyTrip and Trivago lets you find all hotels in any given locality. These websites and apps also give deals, offers and discounts on hotel bookings and make even expensive hotel booking cheap.

Crimes in Hotels Hotel is a place away from home. It allows people to stay in a place and do things which they want to but cannot do at their homes. Sometimes people tend to use hotels as a place to commit crimes hidden from society.

Most of these crimes are casual and they do not have a great impact.

Generally people start to use hotel rooms for having sex with girls and women in their circle with whom they cannot have a sexual relationship in front of everybody. People also meet call girls in these places. Almost every city has some hotels which are known for such purposes.

Hotel is used by business people to hold large meetings and conferences. Similarly, it is also used by smugglers, drug dealers and thieves as a place to stay, hide their things and make deals safely with other criminals.

The biggest crime that has taken place in several hotels is a murder. Generally, a murder in a hotel is a crime of passion. Nobody plans to commit a murder in a place where they are identified by the staff. But, an unexpected situation or out of control emotions have led to such crimes in hotels around the world.

Hotels have to follow laws and abide with local police to maintain safety at the hotel. For this reason you need to show a valid ID in the hotels to stay there. A huge number of hotels around the world do not allow guest visit. This is a general rule which hotels do not tend to break.

Season for Hotel Business Vacation times are considered the best season for hotel business. People go travelling around the world during vacation. This is the peak time for business for hotels. When people are on vacation they tend to spend a lot of money and live beautifully.

Special Occasions People also use hotel spaces for celebrating events functions and various occasions. Hotels provide space with beautiful arrangement for special events.

Career in Hotel Industry Hotel industry also provides a lot of career opportunities as there is always requirement for people for various tasks. From low level job opportunities like hotel staff and waiter to mid-level opportunities like receptionist accountant and other opportunities. Hotel management is also required in mid-level and big hotels.

Courses for Career in Hotel Top level jobs in hotels can also be pursued by having a degree by completing a relevant course. Here are some courses which offer a career in hotel industry.

Bachelor in Hotel Management
BBA in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism
BA in Hotel Management
Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology

Some Masters level courses are also available but it is advisable to get enrolled in Bachelor level course then get a job and start gaining experience as that matters more than the degree.

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