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Geeky Ranjit The Tech Geek | Geekyranjit Journey Career and Biodata


Geekyranjit is a tech youtuber and technology reviewer who gives fair reviews about any gadget. His forte is smartphones, digital cameras and latest technology equipments. Recently he also started reviewing cars. The journey of geekyranjit as a tech reviewer and establishing himself in the community is full of struggles. Never the less, he is a golden example for young people who want to do something of their own. (Not necessarily youtube as there are other options also) Geekyranjit started his career as a freelance coder and later he shifted and made a website of his own where he used to post reviews of newly launched technology after using them for 7 to 10 days. This was something new and ranjit was successful after a period of time to get recognition for his work.

The journey of Geekyranjit really started when people started copying his content to their website. This was a set back but geekyranjit did not stopped there and decided to make video content. That he when he started his Youtube channel. Slowly he got recognition here also and Today Ranjit is popular and a respected person in Youtube community.

Geeky Ranjit

Youtube Subscribers of Geekyranjit - The Youtube Channel of Geeky Ranjit aka Geekyranjit has crossed 1 million subscribers in the year 2018. Now he has over 2.7 million followers or subscribers on youtube. His videos have average 2 hundred thousand to five hundred thousand video views. He is the first choice of his subscribers for any new technology in the market they are willing to buy.

Some Info About Geekyranjit

Date of Birth - Ranjit aka Geekyranjit or Geeky Ranjit was Born in 1977 in the city of Hyderabad

Graduation - He has completed graduation with Honours but he was fully devoted to computers and coding. He worked 17-18 hours daily learning and doing coding. He managed the B.Com exams.

First Job and Freelance Work - After completing Graduation Rajit joined a local but innovative entreprenuer for developing dynamic web pages in the era of static web pages. He worked there for two years and then started freelance coding for USA clients. He has also made his own website named funtoosh. This website became very popular.

Website for Tech Review - This is the moment you all are waiting for. Around the year 2007 Ranjit started the Tech2Buzz website to put on gadgets. The idea was successful after huge efforts.

Problems with Tech2buzz - Soon after the tech review ewbsite was hit some people started copying his content. After this he decided to make videos and moved towards Youtube.

Starting of Youtube Channel - Ranjit first wrote letters to gadget companies to send him gadgets to make reviews but they did not responded as this concept was new at that time. So he decided to put 10 Lakhs rupees from his pocket to buy gadgets and review them.

Struggle on Youtube - Even after a year of hard work Ranjit could not get success on his youtube channel. But he did not gave up on the idea and decided to continue his journey here. He kept buying gadgets and keeep posting their reviews on his Youtube channel Geeky Ranjit. He has himself disclosed on a video that he was bearing losses for two years.

Success in Youtube - After two years he got success on youtube and people started subscribing his channel. Around the year 2017 he has 820k subscribers on Youtube. Today he has more than 2.7 million subscriber and counting.

Official Website of Geeky Ranjit is

Geekyranjit Biography
Name - Ranjit Kumar
Birth Date - 1976
Birth Place - Hyderabad
Height - 5'10"
Weight - 70 Kg
Eye Color - Dark Brown
Hair Color - Black
Education - CDAC Maharashtra India

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