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A virus also known as computer virus or malware is a program which is designed to destroy a computer. Virus can slow down your computer to such an extent that it will be impossible to work on the computer. It can also destroy the computer from inside and delete important files from the system. They say that it requires a genius to create a virus.

History of virus
The base of computer virus was established in the year 1949 by Von Neumann with no evil intentions. He developed a program which can create a copy of itself. This was a start for robots to enable them to make advanced robots. However, the idea got misused for creating virus at a much later stage.

First Computer Virus
The first ever known computer virus was called Creeper. It was first developed in 1970. This virus used the self-replicating method for reproducing itself on the host computer to fill its space and make it useless.

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