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What is Animation

what is animation

Basically animation is a series of pictures which appears to be moving. Animation is a set of similar pictures with minor difference. Animation is played in frames. Each frame has one picture. When the viewer sees the series of pictures one by one, they appear to be moving. This motion is known as animation.

Creating an animation is a very difficult task. You will need to create exact copies of a design numerous times to create animation. In these designs, the difference that you will show will create a moving effect for the viewer. This motion is known as animation. If you have to create an animation on a computer, than it can become easier than creating an animation by hand. However, the drawing part is difficult on a computer. Still, computer can easily create multiple copies of a picture, in which the animator can create minor differences with ease. There are also many animation software available in the market for creating an animation.

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Animation can be a simple one or a complicated one. A simple animation can consist of a single picture. A simple animation can also have many pictures but only one item will be moving in the canvas. This type of animation is fairly easy to create. It does not have to deal with background and related objects. A complicated animation will consist of multiple images for sure. What’s more tough is that multiple images have to be appeared moving, so you have to create a much complicated picture with maintaining the positions of related objects and background in the image.

what is animation
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