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Mumbiker Nikhil Life Friends Bike and Much More

Mumbiker Nikhil

Mumbiker Nikhil is an Indian You tuber which lives in Mumbai. Nikhil Sharma is the real name of Mumbiker Nikhil.

He started his youtube channel in the year 2014. He has recently reached 2.6 million subscribers on Youtube and he is on his way to reach 3 million soon.

We wish him all the best for that. Nikhil is basically a Vlogger. He makes video of travelling (mostly) and puts them on his youtube channel.

He also sometimes post reviews of few products that he founds truly amazing or really disgusting.

Mumbiker Nikhil travels a lot. He is alone most of the time and sometimes with his special friend group in his journey.

Most of the time he is making a video with Shanice. People think that they are in a relationship.

Mumbiker Nikhil Mumbiker Nikhil

Nikhil Sharma loves travelling. He has travelled far distances within the country from his bike. He also travels abroad by flights and other general means.

He is popular on youtube and he has done some dangerous stunts to get the attention of people on the Youtube community.

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Nikhil Sharma Early Life Career And Youtube

He completed his studies from home town and started his career as a flight attendant for Qatar airways. He worked in Qatar Airways for a few years.

Then he had to face a tragedy. His father was expired. Due to family and business obligations, he has to join his family business.

He took some time in the start to understand things. He was able to take out time for himself only after he was able to manage things successfully in the business.

In his spare time he started to make videos of local places like Marine Drive and Chor Bazaar. He had few views on his videos and he was not very popular at that time either.

Nikhil went on a drive from Mumbai to Banglore up down in a very short span of time. He nearly covered a huge distance of 2000 km in just 28 hours.

This is also a very risky but courageous task. After that, he became popular his channel on youtube was successful.

Friends of Nikhil Sharma Ashish, Zeshan, Wasim and Shanice are some of his close friends.

He claims that these people were there with him in his bad times. Mumbiker Nikhil Sharma has a very clear and close bonding with these people.

Mumbiker Nikhil Income - is somewhere between 10 lakhs to 30 lakhs per annum.

His source of income can be youtube ads, personal advertisers and tourism department.

Mumbiker Nikhil Bike - His Favourite Bike is Powerful and Stylish TIGER
Tiger is a 800cc 3 cylinders Petrol bike with a Torque of 79Nm and dual ABS channel.

Nikhil also uses a light weight scooty to easily wander through traffic in the neighbourhood for local work only.

Mumbiker Nikhil Car - He has bought a light golden color Audi.

Mumbiker Nikhil Sister - His sister is graphics designer at Red Chillies Entertainment.

Mumbiker Nikhil Girlfriend - Mumbiker Nikhil is not in a realtionship with a girl. At least he has not disclosed it. It will be really difficult to hide. Shanice is not girlfriend of Mumbiker Nikhil.

Address - Nikhil Sharma residence is at Link Road, Bombay IIT Area, Powai, Mumbai

Nikhil Sharma Friend Gaurav Chaudhary Friend

Mumbiker Nikhil Biodata


Name Nikhil Sharma
Birth Date 4 November 1992
Birth Place Mumbai
Zodiac Sign - Scorpio
Home Town Mumbai, Maharashtra
Height 5 ft 11 inch
Weight 75 Kg
Eye Color - Black
Hair Color - Black
College Rizvi Institute of Management
Subjects Hotel Management
Website www.mumbikernikhil.in
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